Fishers Sertoma Club was chartered in 2001 and located in Fishers, Indiana.  Our club believes in “Making a difference in the lives of the people in our community and Hamilton County” The majority of what we raise working bingo at Camp Sertoma every month stays within our area.  All of our time for what we do is donated. You have probably seen our brightly colored tie dyed t-shirts working with the “Keeping Fishers Beautiful” program. We donate our time and labor to assist residents that are in need  cleaning up their yards, planting flowers, cutting schrubs & trees and much more. These residents have requested help from the city of Fishers and usually have physical or financial needs and can’t get it done on their own.  It changes lives and the city!

Our local and national focus is the hearing impaired, speech and the deaf needs, of which most people don’t know how very large that need is in Hamilton County.  In answer to that, Fishers Sertoma donated a computer to the Police and the Fire department for emergencies so they can communicate 24/7 with anyone in need.  We just donated money in answer to a request from the HSE Foundation to supply IPADS for the ASL interpreters to assist the hearing impaired students.  Our other major groups we support are Prevail, Lutherwood Family Services, Come To Me Food Pantry, Hear Indiana,  and other individual requests over the years.

We also work with 5th graders every year to participate in a local/national contest with Sertoma called the Freedom Essay Program.  “What Freedom Means To You.”


Fishers Sertoma Board 2013-2014


Sertoma’s mission is to improve the quality of life today for those at risk or impacted by hearing loss through education and support.

Sertoma’s vision is to create communities of change under common leadership and with a common voice that will serve the many in need.

Sertoma’s purpose is to meet the needs of communities through volunteer service.

Our voice speaks to our proud history and strong future of service to mankind.
Our voice is heard in harmony; the harmony of individuals coming together to create communities.
Our voice is one of conviction and strength, the attributes of leaders.
Our voice is one of empathy and compassion, in support of those with needs.
Our voice is one of determination and focus, for those who wish to serve.
Our voice cannot always be heard.
For those who cannot hear, there is Sertoma.